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After moving the Bayrock Group to the 24th floor of Trump Tower,[9] Arif developed a relationship with billionaire businessman Donald Trump. Bayrock went on to collaborate with The Trump Organization on projects in Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Arizona, Colorado, New York, and Florida. Arif began developing property in Brooklyn, initially redeveloping Loehmann’s Seaport Plaza, a three-story, 280,000-square-foot (26,000 m2) waterfront shopping center on Emmons Avenue in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.[10] The property’s tenants include Loehmann’s and Nine West Shoes. In 2003, Bayrock purchased a site out of bankruptcy in the Camelback Corridor of Phoenix, Arizona. Bayrock announced plans for the Trump International Hotel & Residence, a $200 million, 190-foot Trump International Hotel. Plans for the project included 97 private residential units starting at $950,000 and 188 hotel/condo rooms. While the site was approved by the Phoenix City Council and the Planning Commission in 2005, the project was curbed by public opposition[11] and never finished. In 2005, Donald Trump extended the Bayrock Group a one-year deal to develop a project in Moscow. Sater located Russian investors and a potential site for the high-rise, a closed pencil factory named for Sacco and Vanzetti.[9] Sater said, “We looked at some very, very large properties in Russia,” on the scale of “…a large Vegas high-rise.”[13] Bayrock organized a potential deal in Moscow between Trump International Hotel and Russian investors in 2007,[14] but the deal never came to fruition.

The Secret Behind The Achievement Of Tevfik Arif ONE OF The Founders Of Doyen Group

No man has ever begun a organization with $100,000 US Us dollars and gotten to the crest of success that Tevfik Arif Doyen has clicked in Latin America. The Turkish businessman who is a dweller in Mexico is the icon of mentorship in entrepreneurship and management of business.
In his 15 years of business, Tevfik Arif (A Doyen founder) has truly gone beyond what you can see right now unless you witness on your own. His enterprises are worth vast amounts of money and spread across the world. Actually and figures, he has a lot more than 200 outlets for his businesses, both on the way to obtain goods and offering providers, which include consultancy. The investments are in more than 15 countries.
When Tevfik Arif Doyen opted to access business, he gave it whole focus. He resigned from his well-paying work to concentrate in industry. To get to where he’s, he has employed more than a few managerial strategies on fiscal and recruiting management. His essential motivating issue is consistency. 

The tactics that run the heart of Tevfik Organization Empire are inclined to the value of the employee and the customer. Look at the following.
Proper Employee Management
Any company that wants to make its consumers happy must be certain the employees are cheerful. The face of a worker is a reflection (by 90%) of the way the buyers will be. When the worker is comfortable, the customer is likely to get satisfactory customer-satisfaction service.
However, it is not simple to keep carefully the employee happy, if you don’t take your time to purchase them, and to know very well what they need to propel productivity. The means of making employees to feel just like the main company and take their obligations in well-coordinated self-motivated angle can be physical or psychological.
Specialty Chemicals Trading Organization, which Tevfik Arif Doyen founded found in 1990, is one of is own largest companies with a multitude of workers. He took his time to empower the personnel and recognized their work anytime they did well.

In around monetary determination is highly glorified, it isn’t always the case that it’ll improve productivity. There are conditions where the employee will need a feeling of accomplishment. To be designated in a crowd for outstanding performance is rewarding to a person. Each year, Tevfik Arif Doyen picks the personnel he provides evaluated and brings them up for reputation. That has worked miracles.
Moral psych is going to be terrific when accompanied by incentives. The most affected are the lowly-paid personnel who need considerably more incentives to boost their productivity. The incentives could be attached to the goals met. Always give the workers a have to beat their targets.
The second virtually all essential part of employee management training. Tevfik Arif Doyen discovered one of the primary mistakes most employers do in terms of training. They concentrate on the leadership team training to the top management and overlook the junior leaders. On the other hand, the junior leaders need the training most. Having them up to speed creates a stability on the administration. 

Tevfik Arif Doyen emphasizes thoughtful interaction which includes helped him gather the self-assurance and friendship of his personnel. The interaction one engages while giving opinions is essential to the morale of the receiver. In virtually any organization, responses is certainly a backbone to the improvement of the company.
The fact is, there must be negative and positive feedbacks. Passing these feedbacks to the worker ought to be in a skilful, and mindful approach. These responses ought to be thoughtful put in a means that may allow room for the worker to feel just like a part of the essential steps the company must achieve productivity. 

There are many different ways of making certain your employees are supportive more than enough of the strategic plans of the business. Most of all, provide support to the personnel. Accord them what they have to gain productivity comfortably and efficiently.
The support may be the need for office equipment; service, improvement or replacement. Generally, lack of material frustrates your time and effort the staff make to execute their obligations. Tevfik Arif Doyen observes that such workers get discouraged, and their general productivity gets derailed. Over time, it is the enterprise that will achieve less if not the employees will stress to be at their finest.
Customer Retention
Most businesses make an effort to acquire new customers every day. You can find on the allocation of funds so much has gone to the marketing and sales. That is clearly a good element to do; you should make sure you have the greatest customer base. However, relating to Tevfik Arif, the clients you bring in should be the future of the company.

How will you be sure to retain your customers?
Tevfik Arif advises that every company or business should search at its assets and measure the types that are least used to increase productivity. Such assets should be put to use to improve value to the customers.
The assets may well not do much if the staff do not give the customers the experience that will attract their loyalty. A imaginative and passionate staff can do their best to include value to the consumers. It is, therefore, the duty of the leadership to make certain that the workers have all it takes to access the heart of their customers. 

In the United States, the idea of reference for many companies may be the Bayrock group. That is clearly a organization Tevfik Arif Doyen formed while in the United States. The company is known to have the very best teamwork spirit that lots of envy to possess one like that. The management of the company is a down-to-earth team that values everyone.

Indeed, the victory of any business has a lot related to working features that promote togetherness. Whatever happens at the business level will in one way or the other affect the clients. The effects could be short-term or long term; all in all, the productivity will be at stake.
Tevfik Arif has partnered with international businessmen just like Donald Trump. Together, they founded the Trump International Resort. Their business association includes a long history that only profits can define.

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Bayrock Group

The Bayrock Group was founded in 2001 by Tevfik Arif, a former Soviet official from Kazakhstan who became an international businessman. He founded Bayrock after he moved some of his businesses to the United States. Arif hired Russian businessman Felix Sater as managing director of Bayrock in 2003.[2] Sater became Bayrock’s Chief Operating Officer,[3] and assisted with several projects, including management of the Trump SoHo project.[2] Sater left Bayrock in 2008[4] after a New York Times article revealed his criminal past.

In 1998, Sater had pled guilty to stock racketeering and fraud as part of a US and Russian mafia-connected $40 million stock pump and dump scheme.[4] He worked with the CIA and the FBI, allegedly offering information on a black market for Stinger missiles.[4][7] Sater later worked as a senior advisor to Trump. By 2014, Bayrock was largely inactive, with the exception of a few lawsuits.

According to Forbes Magazine, Bayrock is “a series of commonly controlled, but not wholly owned, limited liability companies.”[3] Bayrock Group is arranged in tiers, with Bayrock Group LLC having a majority or plurality interest in around 12 subsidiary holding companies. The holding companies in turn have majority interests in companies on lower tiers. The lower tier subsidiaries correspond to individual real estate projects, with Bayrock Spring Street corresponding to Trump SoHo, Bayrock Camelback to the Phoenix hotel project, and Bayrock Merrimac to the Trump Fort Lauderdale hotel.[8] Other Bayrock subsidiaries include Bayrock Whitestone and Bayrock Ocean Club.

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